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Print Availability
Prints are available framed or unframed in sizes from 8x10" through 20x24”.  Some can be made up to 32x40”. Generally a framed 8x10" is $150 and a framed 16x20 is $400. Please contact me for a quote.
Print Details
Prints are on carefully processed traditional silver gelatin fiber paper.  They're dry mounted* and matted with Bainbridge Artcare mat board, backed with Bainbridge Artcare foamboard, sealed at the edges with acid free linen tape, and placed behind choice of museum glass.  On the back side I indicate print information and print number.  I expect these prints to last generations if kept away from direct sunlight and pollutants.  My normal framing style is white matboard in a simple black wood frame.

*Drymounting is frowned on by some, but if longevity is your goal it's far superior to taping if using Artcare materials, which are not only non-acidic but actually trap pollutants (see link to article below).  Polluted air is surprisingly damaging over the long run and enters the frame mostly from the exposed rear.  The drymount tissue is a protective barrier, helping to prevent pollutants from attacking the print from the rear and entering the inside of the frame.   Aging tests indicate a clear advantage to mounting in this way (see the link below).  Besides, in the hands of a good framer, my acid-free dry mount tissue is removable by heating in the event the mount gets damaged.  Drymounting in combination with the pollutant-trapping nature of Artcare materials seems to provide the ultimate protection from chemical degradation.

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